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Begin by uploading your expense files as a JPG or PDF first.

Drag and drop your expense files here or click to select files
PDF or JPG, max 5MB per file
Convert PDF invoices into a spreadsheet in 3 simple steps
Upload your invoice and expense files. Works with lot's of invoice types, even photographs of bills or receipts.
The badger will identify invoice information like dates, sums, amounts and much more and create a spreadsheet.
Download the spreadsheet alongside the invoices renamed to include a date and invoice numbers for easy identification.


What's others are saying

“Anything that takes the headache out of organizing files of any kind is a win in my book. Really cool to see how it can rename files to be much more helpful!”

Brady D.

“Love it. The FREE test worked flawlessly. It came back 100% correct even though your rating scale suggested otherwise.”

The SKI Man

“This looks like a great tool for streamlining tax season! I'm especially impressed with the ability to extract billing data and rename files. Well done team, this is exactly the kind of product I've been looking for. Can't wait to give it a try!”

Viswanatha R.

“Cool solution. The fact that it saves you personally time and money personally is a great way to craft a thoughtful product.”

Tom Cook

“It is very suitable for handling the accounts of companies and organizations Suitable for accounts”

Abdolrahim A.

Frequently asked questions

Simple Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Single files are free, simple affordable pricing to process multiple files at once.

Processing Package

Process up to 100 files with the state of the art document classifier to extract information into a spreadsheet and rename the files based on the extracted information.

What’s included

  • Processes up to 100 uploaded files
  • Additional files just $0.10 each
  • Spreadsheet for each upload
  • Files renamed for easy identification
  • Your results are saved securely for 7 days
  • Best in class document AI 🤖

$10 USD

You will receive a payment request via email once your files are uploaded.

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement

Processing a single file is free

To try the service upload a single expense file and we will process it for free. This offer is subject to change and restricted to a hard daily limit across the service.

About Expense Badger

Expense Badger is a service that extracts information from expense invoices and receipts and creates an Excel file with the extracted data. It also renames the files to a format that is suitable for accounting software.

Whether you do your own accounting and bookkeeping or if you outsource it to a professional accountant, it's good practice to organize your expense documents beforehand to allow for fast matching to your bank statements. Keep a simple spreadsheet file to tally up your expenses.

It's also much easier in my experience to find that one invoice from years ago that you're looking for if the invoice file name has the company name in it.

👎inv_32498243.pdf is not very helpful.
👍inv_32498243_2021-02-14_Joe_Computer_Hardware.pdf is much better.

How are files renamed?

By default the files are renamed to the following format:
"Date Currency Amount Vendor InvoiceNr - Original Filename".

You can provide a Liquid string to specify how you want your files renamed. The following values in curly braces will be replaced by data extracted from the invoice. Other text will be left as is.

{{ Date }} - the invoice date
{{ Date | date: \"%Y-%m-%d\" }} - the invoice date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD
{{ Date | date: \"%d.%m.%y\" }} - the invoice date formatted as DD.MM.YY
{{ Currency }} - the currency (e.g. USD, EUR)
{{ CurrencySymbol }} - the currency symbol (if available, e.g. $, €)
{{ TotalAmount | format_number: \"0.00\" }} - the total amount formatted with 2 decimal points
{{ VendorName }} - the name of the vendor or company 
{{ InvoiceNr }} - the invoice number 
{{ OriginalFilename }} - the original file name
{{ OriginalFileExtension }} - the original file ending
{{ TotalAmountConfidence }} - the confidence if the total amount was recognized correctly (decimal number from 0 to 1)
{{ InvoiceNrConfidence }} - the confidence if the invoice number was recognized correctly (decimal number from 0 to 1)
{{ VendorNameConfidence }} - the confidence if the vendor name was recognized correctly (decimal number from 0 to 1)

For example our default format is:

            {{ Date | date: \"%Y-%m-%d\" }} {{Currency}} {{ TotalAmount | format_number: \"0.00\" }} {{VendorName}} {{InvoiceNr}} - {{OriginalFilename}}

If you do not add the original file extension or original file name to the end of the file then the file extension is added automatically.

What's in the Excel file?

The Excel spreadsheet will contain columns for:

- Invoice Date
- Vendor Name
- Invoice Nr
- Currency
- Total Amount
- Filename after renaming
- Original Filename
- Confidence (in percent) of how sure the AI is that the Vendor was recognized correctly
- Confidence (in percent) of how sure the AI is that the Invoice Nr was recognized correctly
- Confidence (in percent) of how sure the AI is that the total amount was recognized correctly

Product Refunds & Quality of Service

We incur costs for every document we process, regardless of extraction success, so all purchases are final and refunds are not available. We do not guarantee a successful extraction of data from invoice documents you provide. We do not guarantee that the extracted data is correct or complete. We will indicate the confidence of the extraction in the output file. The processing is done on a best-effort principle using the state-of-the-art recognition services. We recommend you test the service for free with a number of test files before purchasing credits or a subscription.

Your Data and Privacy

You can read our full privacy policy here, but here's a summary:

  • You documents are uploaded and processed in Microsoft's European datacenters and by Microsoft AI services (in Europe) and never leaves the EU or is shared with any other third parties.
  • We delete your documents after 7 days completely from our servers.
  • Your email is only stored while we process your documents. It is deleted immediately after sending the email. We do not send any marketing emails.
  • We store the domain part of your email address to provide a limited free service and counteract abuse.
  • Payment information is handled and stored securely by our payment provider Paddle LLC.
  • We use a privacy first analytics service without any individual tracking or cookies.

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